Home-made healthy Drinks

In this blog, I am going to recommend several healthy, delicious and simple DIY juice.

In this semester, I made a new timetable, forcing myself to get up at about 7am and ensure to drink  a bottle of vegetable juice in oder to soothes the gastrointestinal tract and improve digestion. Formerly, I preferred to choose spicy food and eating outside, instead, now I forced myself to cook and choose to eat bland food because of my stomach trouble. During cooking, I found some DIY delicious juice recipe and enjoyed healthy lifestyle.

IMG_9040Spinach juice: I personally do not like eat Spinach when I was in China. I hate its taste even though my father convinced me how nutritious it is, I refused to eat it all the time. However, I found the Spinach in the UK is differentiate from that in China and I could accept the UK one.  Also, I do not like to drink water, but water is significant for human beings. In order to force myself to supply enough water, I searched several ways to solve it.

Now, I am going to introduce The DIY process. It is simple: preparing some Spinach, after the water boiling, cooking Spinach just two minutes and then pouring into juice extractor. If you prefer to sweet, you could add some honey or apple.

The other drink I would recommend is soybean milk.
When I was at home in China, one of my favourite drink is soybean milk. It is a normal drink that people could found in breakfast stores or street stands in China, while now in the UK, only could I find it in Asian food stores. I choose to make by myself because I am not sure whether the one sold in store is fresh. I asked my mum how to make it, the process is also simple: what you need to prepare is to soak the yellow beans in water for one night and pouring them into soybean milk machine directly or putting them to juice extractor and using filtering, then boiling it for half an hour. It is necessary to be careful because it is easy to overflow when cooking.

Other alternatives:
IMG_3459[Strawberry] Strawberry+Banana+Avocado

IMG_3460[Pineapple] Pineapple+Strawberry

Watermelon+Cherry Tomatoes


Carrot+Cherry tomatoes



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