We are equal in intimate relationship

The rain is pouring down and the wind is blowing a gale. The bad weather is as if God feels deep regret about the young girl’s death. Thankfully, the murderer was convicted successfully and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 18 years.

Xixi Bi, an international student, who should has been enjoyed her best years and had a promising future, was regrettably a victim of intimate partner violence.

“To those who knew Xixi Bi, she presented as outgoing, energetic, bubbly, lovely beautiful inside and out,” said Cardiff Crown Court justice Mrs Davis.

In fact, Xixi had been assaulted for a long time. Zexun Bi, Xixi’s brother said that once he noticed bruising around her eyes, which she has tried to cover with make-up. Another time she was admitted to hospital to have surgery on her jaw and lied to medical staff saying she fell down stairs at home, while living in a ground-floor flat. Another neighbour said that the arguments were becoming louder and more violent, the defendant even threatened to kill the girl the week before the incident. Besides physical abuse, Xixi was suffering from oral abuse, like “you filthy whore.” On the actual night she was killed, a neighbour reported hearing a woman “screaming” all night.

I do not know why she insisted on lying to friends and family members. Also, I feel confused why she did not ask for help from the police or the college. Maybe she really loved the man, even more than herself. Possibly, she imagined that he would change next time, but her constant forgiving only aggravated the abuse.


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