Sweets in a fairy tale world


Appetizing sweets in a fairy tale world

In this blog, I would like to recommend two famous confectionery stores in Copenhagen for sweets lovers.

Konditori La Glace

La Glace is a well-known and historical Cafe and cake store in Denmark. It is located in Skoubogade 3. I arrived at the store at about 4pm, and where was a long line of people queuing outside the store in the chilly wind. The waitress provides cookies for waiting crowed.

showwindowThe environment is lovely  and cozy inside, as the house is decorate in classical style. Besides few travelers who are attracted by its reputation and popularity, most customers are local people, and they normally enjoy afternoon tea with friends here.
It is a good place to experience local life and culture.
You may share table with others if you do not mind, otherwise you have to wait for a long time.
macaronsThe first floor serves cakes and bread, while upstairs in the Mezzanine customers could find cookies and macaroons. The price of macaroon is 15DDK (£1.7)
per piece, and cookie is about 2DDK per piece and there are more than ten flavors available.

I ordered Georginelakage, a piece of cake with a macaroon base, decorated with a heap of whipped cream. The cake is fresh, the white cream is not sweet, the butter ricing cream is a bit sweet with puff pastry on the bottom. But it tastes rich without tea or coffee. The price is a bit high, 57DDK per piece.

The most famous cake is  called The Sports Cake. This specialty was created for the first time for the theatre production “Sports Man”, which premiered the 18th of November 1891 at Folketeatret on Nørregade. The ingredients consist of crushed nougat, whipped cream, a macaroon bottom and caramelized choux pastry.

This cake store has been hailed as the most worthy place that you should visit in Copenhagen.


A famous chain bakery in Copenhagen; there are several branches all over the city. The taste of bread and cakes are great but the price is quite expensive, probably because  the average goods price in Northern Europe is high. I recommend having a rest here tasting some delicious cakes.

strawberry-cakeFirst, I would like to recommend the Strawberry tart, it looks beautiful and appetizing. Chocolate base with whipped cream, inlaying with fresh strawberry, the cream is not too sweet, it tastes delicious and suitable for people like me who do not have a sweet teeth.

sesame-breadThe store assistant recommends sesame Bread for me. It smells delicious, a small roll pastry coated with sesame. Local people usually cut it in half and choose to spread with butter or cream based own flavour. The bread is appetizing, fresh and delicious, a little bit salty, suiting for people who do not like sweet things.

The chocolate roll looks attractive, black chocolate coated with a white chocolate roll. But it is too sweet and rich for me.

cookiesThe store would provide special cookies during Christmas. I bought a bag of Butter Cookies, it tastes too sweet for me, and  compared with other desserts, I prefer other desserts.

via sweetie world in Copenhagen — Pandora’s Box


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