What does the intercardiff audience want?

A Focus on ‘Uses and gratifications theory’ (Katz et al. 1974) tends to find out “what certain types of media messages are audiences looking for in order to fulfil existing needs.” The efficient way to search news is firstly to understand target audiences. The initial question rises here is Who are the audiences in interCardiff. ‘InterCardiff’, the term constitutes ‘international’ and ‘Cardiff’, therefore it may broadly to assume the audience as people from other countries, especially international students who want to gain information about Cardiff.

meet people and chat

Presuming as foreign travelers who know nothing about a new city, the information they want is to know the landmarks which are worthy to visit; local food that are worthy to taste and recent events that are worthy to experience in order to experience local culture. However, interCardiff is not a travelling guide platform, it is basically a new reporting website, therefore, regarding to news, it is necessary to report important issues relevant to people. For instance, when encountering to the serious litter problems in Cardiff, what measures does the council take or what policies may enforce to tackle this problem. The bad news happened as two persons were stabbed in the Queen Street, the horrible train crash happened in London and The campaign to raise concern of international students in Cardiff University.

To understand audiences is significant for the media to engage people to click the link and build brand loyalty.


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