My interesting adventurous multi-media journey

“Brainstorm, People and Writing” three words I would like to summarise the experience of this semester.

In retrospect, when choosing the pathway, I was struggling between multimedia and documentary, the former one I could continue to do something I am interested in. e.g. photography and magazine; the other one, I could learn shooting techniques, the part that leaves a pity for me during my four years College learning. I asked my parents’ suggestion and listen to other peers’ choices. I am glad to say that it is a novel experience.

meet people and chat

I reminded that the first time when tutors assigned the group presentation, our topic is social media. Looking through the whole list, the only one I was familiar with at that time was Instagram, other platforms, such as Tumblr, Vine, and Reddit, to be honest, I had never heard of them, let alone use. I felt depressed and shamed when allocated tasks with my new classmates, the only thing I could do is shaking my head and ducking my head. I have to admit that I lived in a blocked world, where we have our own analogy Facebook and Twitter, named Wechat and Weibo. Even though the law illustrates that people enjoy freedom of expression, but it seems hard to enforce. Last week, my former law professor Chris told me that he felt ridiculous about the strict local broadcast censorship in Zhuhai (a city in Guangdong province next to Macau). The government ban reporting from Hong Kong TV. Yesterday, I chatted with my landlord and he told me the information he gained referring to China is only from BBC documentary. This semester I learned to listen and to chat with people, I appreciated to create blog, a private place where I could express and record interesting things via writing.


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